Rachel's Vineyard Retreat

Rachel's Vineyard is a ministry committed to healing hearts broken by abortion. The word abortion just jumped off the page and caused panic, shame & anger in some of you I'm sure. If that's you, that fear is of the enemy, a lie, and this post is for you. 1 in every 3 people within the church are post abortive. Most suffer in silence, feeling as if their feelings are somehow wrong or deserved and many are unsure of how or where to look for help. Know that you are NOT ALONE and that 94% of post abortive people experience these feelings. Others feel as though they have obtained God's forgiveness, and they likely have, but still drag the heavy symptoms around needlessly. The enemy still has a hold of their hearts. If you identify with any of the symptoms below, pray about making contact, even if you don't know why. Trust the Lord to lead you. This retreat changed my life as much as marriage and children did. 3 days is all it took! - Erika 248.736.1075.

If you feel that there is always something weighing you down or holding you back and there is an abortion in your past, please consider attending. If your close friend or family member struggles, love them enough to pass on the information in a caring, confidential manner. There is HOPE and HEALING at Rachel's Vineyard. Call or email us today. Registering for confidential September 15-17 retreat now. Scholarships always available.


Young Adults' Small Group

Young Adults' Small Group beginning in July forĀ  ages 18 to twentysomething! Second and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00pm @ the Profants. Bring friends! For more information, please contact Philecia & Evan Profant at 765.252.8276.