Marriage Ministry

God’s Plan for Marriage

Marriages are failing at an alarming rate, even inside the church. God made it clear right from the start that His plan for marriage requires a change from independent living to interdependant living. ”. . . a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Genesis 2:24 New Living Translation. This “ONENESS” can only be achieved when both partners place the needs of their spouse ahead of their own needs. That’s a scary prospect and is not easy to do.

The truth of the matter is that to put your spouse’s needs ahead of yours is the ONLY way to RECEIVE the most out of marriage. CTK believes that following the Biblical pattern for marriage can lead to the closest thing to “heaven on earth” (this side of heaven) and offers many options to assist couples wanting a good marriage.

Growing a Marriage

Good marriages take effort. Wise couples will invest time and energy in growing their marriages. CTK offers many resources to assist with that. Date Nights are a fun way to invest some time in your relationship. Several Married Couples Small Groups are available for you to join. Periodically, CTK offers a Marriage Conference with fabulous information for couples. For couples that proactively want to grow their marriage, CTK has trained Marriage Mentor Couples available for you to meet with. CTK also offers Pastoral Counseling in an effort to strengthen marriages. All it takes is a willingness on your part to put the time and energy into your marriage.

Help for a Troubled Marriage

Sometimes marriages need help. It’s smart to reach out for help when necessary. CTK has trained Marriage Mentor Couples who specialize in helping a distressed marriage. CTK also provides Pastoral Counseling for any couple whose marriage is in crisis. Licensed Professional Counselors are available, for couples attending CTK on a regular basis. Couples pay a small co-pay.

Recovery from Divorce

No matter what leads to the break up of a marriage, CTK wants to help people recover from the tragedy of divorce. A Divorce Recovery class is offered periodically for those who need it.

Contact Pastor Larry to sign up for any of the above areas.

Married Couples Small Groups

  • CTK offers several different Married Couples Small Groups. This is a small group of couples meeting in a home, all with a desire to study the subject of marriage.
  • Pastor Larry leads one of the Groups using curriculum that he wrote - 6 "Baby Steps" From Hurts To Harmony.

Marriage Mentor Couples

CTK offers trained Marriage Mentor Couples in 3 areas: Newlyweds that are married less than 5 years, Maximizing - couples proactively wanting to grow a marriage and Repairing - couples seeking help for a distressed marriage.

A Marriage Mentor Couple is simply a more experienced couple coming along side another marriage. Mentor and Mentoree Couples will have an agreed upon goal with a specific “stop time” for the formal mentoring.

Marriage Conference

CTK displays Video Conferences with nationally known experts in the field of marriage relationships. These conferences usually cover several days. CTK encourages couples to set aside a block of time to make all of the sessions of the conference. You can add your address to our email list for notification of upcoming conferences.

Pastoral Counseling

CTK has pastors who will meet with couples to give a Biblical and pastoral perspective to any marriage issue.

Licensed Professional Counseling

CTK offers professional counselors, licensed by the State of Michigan, for couples that attend CTK on a regular basis. These counselors share their professional advice from a Biblical perspective. Couples pay on a sliding scale, based on their financial situation.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is required for all engaged couples that want to be married at CTK. Contacting the church at least 6 months in advance to sign up is preferred. The classes cover foundational topics such as: Marriage Expectations, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Personalities, Finances, Sexual Intimacy and Spiritual Unity.

Upcoming Events

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